You can get restful sleep and have vital, productive days.

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Your bed should be a refuge, not a place where you struggle.
Chronic insomnia can be treated, without drugs. So can chronic nightmares. You may not have been given the most effective treatment.

Sadly, many professionals prescribe what does not work for chronic insomnia or nightmares. They often prescribe drugs, which don’t work long-term. Many might also prescribe what is called “sleep hygiene” – having a relaxing bedtime routine – which is helpful for preventing insomnia but is not enough to cure it once it has started.

Chronic insomnia has a different cause than just stress – the brain has developed a habit so that what sleep scientists call your “alertness drive” gets triggered by being in bed, frustrating your attempts to sleep. We can change this brain-body habit so that instead, getting in bed sends a signal to your brain to sleep. Chronic nightmares from trauma can be transformed and relieved with the right approach.

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