Psychotherapy and the COVID‑19 pandemic

People varied a lot in their responses to this pandemic. Anyone who lost their job or had other financial distress would naturally feel stress and anxiety. Others felt isolated, lonely, and depressed. These feelings may have persisted after lockdown ended. Other people were anxious about the virus and disease. Some enjoyed a reason to stay home and feel peaceful. Eventually, a lot of people tired of social distancing and masks. With vaccines, many believe there is no longer much risk. There are as many different ways to respond as there are people.

Therapy at a distance.

How has the pandemic affected my therapy practice?

As of mid-October 2022, 1 in 3 people in Colorado has been infected with SARS-2-COV, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Rates in the Denver area are currently low, less than 10 active cases per 100,000 people.

  • The 2022 omicron variants of SARS-2-COV are more highly contagious than earlier variants because they are more likely than alpha or delta variants to be carried in aerosols, the tiniest particles we put out as we speak and breathe.
  • Vaccines are very helpful in preventing serious cases, but many vaccinated and boostered peple still get sick.
  • In addition, there is a flu season every year from fall to spring.
  • Many people are treating COVID-19 now as they treat the flu - "I don't want to get it, but if I get it, I'll survive. I'm not going to take many precautions." People who cannot afford to treat flu or COVID-19 that way are the elderly and the immune-compromised.
  • I have family members who are elderly and immune-compromised, so while many have relaxed their precautions, I cannot.
Most sessions will be via teletherapy, either by:
  • telephone or
  • secure videoconference.
In-person sessions can take place outdoors, if:
  • weather permits,
  • we sit 8 feet apart, and
  • you feel that my office patio is sufficiently private.

You're used to wearing masks if you go to a doctor's office. If you are healthy (no flu or covid symptoms), indoor therapy with masks and proof of vaccination and boosters is possible.

Scientifically-based information

I want my clients to have accurate information about the virus and public health. Here are some links to scientifically-based COVID‑19 information that may be helpful:

Note: information from studies that have been peer-reviewed and published is more likely to have been vetted carefully by fellow scientists.

When will I resume seeing clients?

I am currently on extended family medical leave from my practice, and will not begin seeing clients again until late fall of 2023.

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