About Dr. Valerie Stone

Imagine a world where everyone, most of the time, got enough sleep.

  • We would be more productive at work.
  • We’d be smiling and thoughtful to each other in line at stores, instead of impatient and snapping.
  • We’d have fewer car accidents.
  • More of the time, we would all feel closer to our best selves.

I want to live in that world! That’s why I chose to work in this area of psychology and started A Good Night’s Sleep LLC.

Unfortunately, we don’t quite live in that world yet. But we could – the truth is, chronic insomnia is very treatable and can be fixed in a few sessions, without any need for chemicals or drugs.

Portrait of Dr. Stone

When I found out how insomnia works and how to treat it, I was so excited! I knew that’s what I wanted to focus on. I want to share the fix that science shows us works best. I have university degrees from Harvard, Stanford, and Fielding.

I am a Licensed Psychologist Candidate in CO, which means I’ve graduated, passed my licensing exam, and am finishing up the 2000 postgraduate supervised hours Colorado requires before licensure. Dr. Alisha Brosse, co-author of End the Insomnia Struggle, is my clinical supervisor. I trained in insomnia treatment at the VA, the Boulder Center for CBT, and the Sutherland Bipolar Center.

I get frustrated when people who have had trouble sleeping for months or years tell me they have not been offered what works, Behavioral Therapies for Insomnia (often abbreviated as CBT-I or BBT-I). These behavioral therapies can change the brain-body habit of being awake in bed, usually in 4-12 sessions. Too many people have tried only prescription medication, cannabis, or “sleep hygiene” (a regular, relaxing night-time routine), and found that over time, those just don’t work for chronic insomnia.

I want to help people use the approach that science has shown can work.

Go from “I can’t sleep” to “A Good Night’s Sleep.”

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