A Third of Your Life - Blog

You spend roughly a third of each day asleep, a third of your weekdays working, and a third of your time doing some combination of socializing, eating, recreation, and general futzing about, like errands and paperwork. In this blog, I’ll mostly write about sleep, but sometimes I may focus on those other thirds of your life.

Sleeping kitten photo.
20 May 2019

Common Sleep Myths

Sleep Health e-published research identifying common sleep myths, based on analyzing over 8,000 websites about sleep. Myths are things that websites claim to be true that scientific sleep research shows are false.     More...

20 June 2019

The Worst Sleep Myth

Potentially the most damaging myth revolves around rest versus sleep. They are not the same thing!     More...

20 April 2019

Why can I sleep better on the couch or in a hotel than in my bed?

In your bed, your brain has the unconsciously-developed habit of being awake and stressed about sleep. Elsewhere, the habit is not as strong. In CBT-I, we make your bed the best place for sleep again.    More...